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WIA members explore smart cities opportunities

February 22, 2017

The Water Industry Alliance Members Night for February was held at the Adelaide Smart City Studio.

Members enjoyed a presentation from Beth Worrall, Studio Manager.  Beth took us through what a Smart City is, global and Australian examples, and shared with us some of the pilot projects that are underway and how the Smart City Studio can assist industry.

The Lego City Model got a lot of interest, featuring many of Adelaide’s landmark buildings and streetscapes built from bricks.  The impressive display is in fact a working model, and is used to demonstrate Smart City projects such as:

Smart parking
Smart lighting
Energy monitoring
Water quality management, and
A city dashboard

One of the aims of the Smart City Studio is to help identify and generate commercial opportunities for innovators, and support their endeavours to build compelling smart city solutions for Adelaide and beyond.

Water Industry Alliance members that are developing technologies and expertise to support smarter cities are encouraged to connect with the Smart City studio to gain access to advice and opportunities to build their smart city solutions and also showcase their results.

The Smart City Studio has a range of industry partnerships and collaborations to provide expertise and support to entrepreneurs in Adelaide.