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Smart Specialisation Clusters


The South Australian Water Industry has a number of areas where it has excelled and now is one of the global leaders. Some of these areas have been identified and specialisation groups have been formed to foster the continued leadership of the technologies and the companies, government departments and research and training institutes that drive them forward.

The areas that have been identified are:

WaRDA - Leaders in the planning, design, construction, monitoring and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants for small communities.

MAR Hub - South Australia has long been a leader in the research and application in the managed aquifer recharge field.

The smart specialisation clusters lead and facilitated by the Water Industry Alliance continue to progress and develop. Both clusters are represented locally, nationally and internationally on inbound and outbound delegations. They are also represented at industry events and exhibitions.

If you wish to become a member of either cluster, please contact the WIA Team on 08 7424 2466 or by email.