An alliance of businesses in the business of water

About WIA

  Who we are

      The Water Industry Alliance is a globally-recognised hub of water expertise and research based in South Australia, which drives       growth for its members and the Australian economy. We strive to represent, support and promote our members to ensure we       maintain and grow our capability to deliver leading-edge water solutions and drive national and global demand for our members'      products and services.

     Formed in 1998, the Alliance is a not-for-profit association with over 100 members that collectively represent the complex      business of water, including: manufacturers, contractors, engineering services, technology companies, water utilities, government      departments, professional services and research organisations.  The Alliance and its members are focused on sharing our water      expertise with the world and growing the water industry through networking, collaboration and business development      opportunities.

  What we do


     The Water Industry Alliance informs and enhances our members' and partners' awareness of the national and international      business of water.


     The Water Industry Alliance develops relationships and connects members      to people and opportunities.


     The Water Industry Alliance promotes and advocates for the importance of the business of water and our members' and partners'      capabilities.


     The Water Industry Alliance participates and facilitates activities that contribute to growing an innovative and capable industry.