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New Board members to bring SME expertise to Alliance

November 16, 2017

The Water Industry Alliance Annual General Meeting saw theelection of the 2017-2018 Board members, which included the appointment of twonew members from the small-to-medium enterprise sector.

David Hart, CEO of Dematec Automation, and Andrew Tefer, Managing Director ofAustralian Water Environments, have joined the Alliance Board for the firsttime, joining the re-elected candidates: 

•           Robran Cock, RegionalOperations Manager, TRILITY
•           Mark Henderson, Director, KainLawyers
•           Lionel Ho, Asset Delivery& Client Liaison Manager, Allwater (Principal Member)
•           Jim McGuire, General Manager –Startegy, Performance & Innovation, SA Water (Principal Member)
•           Karen Rouse, Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Water Research Australia
•           Steve Morton, Manager –International Business, DEWNR (Principal Member)
•           Darren Gibbons, National SalesManager, RPC Pipe Systems (Principal Member)

Water Industry Alliance CEO Rachel Barratt said David and Andrew will bring aperspective of small-to-medium businesses that are active in South Australia –striking an important balance of expertise on the Board.

“Dematec Automation and Australian Water Environments are two companies thatare well and truly embedded in the water industry,” she said. “David and Andrewwill bring their experience of the challenges of running a small business inthe water industry and complement the diverse skills that we have around theBoard.

“On behalf of the Alliance I would like to welcome them both, as well as ourreturning Board members.” 

The AGM also saw the departure of longstanding Board member Tim Waterhouse, aswell as Alister Walsh.

“Tim Waterhouse has been a driving force behind the Water Industry Alliance forwell over a decade,” Rachel said. “Sentek was one of the founding members ofthe Alliance and his involvement as a member of the Board and a previous Chairhas been instrumental in guiding the organisation. 

“Tim’s knowledge has been hugely valued and appreciated, and he will leave alasting legacy. We hope to continue having an ongoing involvement with Tim as hemoves into retirement.

“The Water Industry Alliance would like to thank both Tim and Alister fordedicating their time to serving on the Board. We are sincerely grateful fortheir professional and personal commitment and contribution and wish them all thevery best for the future.”

You can view the Board members' profiles and the Water Industry Alliance Annual Report here.