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Alliance announces 2019 Board of Directors

November 23, 2018

The Water Industry Alliance Annual General Meeting held at the end of November saw the re-election of eight of the 2018 Board Directors, bringing continuity to the organisation as we begin a new year.

The re-elected Board of Directors is:

• Robran Cock, Principal, Ametqua

• Darren Gibbons, National Sales Manager, RPC Pipe Systems (Principal Member)

• David Hart, Dematec Automation

• Mark Henderson, Lawyer, Kelledy Jones Lawyers

• Lionel Ho, Asset Delivery & Client Liaison Manager, Allwater (Principal Member)

• Jim McGuire, General Manager – Strategy, Performance & Innovation, SA Water (Principal Member)

• Karen Rouse, Chief Executive Officer, Water Research Australia

• Andrew Telfer, Water Technology Pty Ltd

Water Industry Alliance Acting Chief Executive Robran Cock said the continuation of the current Board will ensure that the actions that have been in train over the previous year can continue.

“The board has been working hard with staff to develop a sustainable business model for the Alliance that benefits the industry and the state,” he said. “This continuation of directors assists that work by providing a continuity of thought in those ideas, which can now be brought into the implementation phase.”

“On behalf of the Alliance, I would like to thank our Board Directors for their service in 2018 and look forward to working with them in 2019, in shaping the strategic direction of the Alliance going forward. I would also like to thank Steve Morton (Department for Environment and Water) for his service as a director over the past year - Steve is unable to continue in a director's role due to other commitments.”

Further information about the members of the Water Industry Alliance Board of Directors can be found here.