The Water Industry Alliance continues to offer a membership package to suit all those with an interest in the South Australian water industry. Each year the value proposition is reviewed and strengthened based on feedback from you, the members.

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Member Nights
Members Nights are an opportunity to hear from prominent industry leaders covering a broad range of topics to cater to the diverse membership base.

They provide a platform for members to learn about a topic in more detail than might be easily available.

The evenings also provide accessibility to key industry figures and the platform to network with industry peers with the potential to discuss collaborative opportunities

The WIA hosts bimonthly Roundtables for Leading Edge and Principal members.

The event provides an intimate platform, with a maximum of 15 guests, for members to meet with a high level special guest from or related to the water sector, to discuss a topic under Chatham House Rules.

Speakers vary each Roundtable and can be tailored to suit members needs.

The Thinktank series is a facilitated industry shaping boardroom discussion, held around one of our members board tables where guest experts, together with members of our Leading Edge and Principal level memberships discuss the topical issues and challenges in the industry.

The workshop type setting of the event enables members to take away with them tangible results and information related to the topic.

The Water Industry Alliance runs a range of forums across the membership calendar.  These events can range in terms of event style, providing new and exciting ways of interacting with members, industry and sector experts and key figures.  The event is open to both members and the public (with a member discount price) and provide the opportunity to look more in-depth at a topic or connect with people who may not be otherwise easily accessible.


Smart Water Awards
Join over 200 guests at South Australia’s largest and most respected water event to recognise companies leading the way in the sector.

Members have the opportunity to nominate their company for one of the six award categories, all presented at the annual Awards ceremony.

The Awards recognise the leading contributors to the water sector in South Australia, and celebrates the achievements of an industry with a breadth of expertise, innovation and leadership.

For sponsors, this is also a great opportunity to align your brand with a leading contributor, and place your organisation in front of a large high level industry audience. Click here  to see more information on the WIA Smart Water Awards.

Solutions in Water & WIA eNews
Solutions in Water is the Water Industry Alliance's quarterly publication that highlights the South Australian Industry's achievements and milestones. Containing the latest news and case studies from leading water industry organisations.  The publication is circulated to over 2000 recipients globally.

The WIA eNews is a member only benefit updately members weekly on the latest news and events in the industry.
 Irrigation Capability Documents
 South Australia has been a leader in Australia and globally for highly efficient irrigation for agriculture. This has been demonstrated by South Australia capping its water use from the River Murray back in 1969 and ever since continuing to grow its industry through efficiency gains.  The Water Industry Alliance Irrigation Capability document provides a listing of members and their specific skills in irrigation - click here to learn more.