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WaterAid SA Annual Golf Day

WaterAid Australia South Australian Committee invites you to participate in the 2017 SA Annual Golf Day for WaterAid. This is the 14th Annual Event and will be held at the North Adelaide Golf Course. The focus will be on fun, inclusion and networking, whilst raising valuable funds for WaterAid.

Event Details
Date:  Friday 10 November 2017 
Time:  11.00am for a 12.15pm start  
Location:  North Adelaide Golf Course 
Cost:  Individual Registration $120
Team Registration $480
All registrations are GST Free  
Register:  Email Trish Cannizzaro your completed registration form to register 

Click here for the registration form and here for the event flyer.

2017 Smart Water Award Winners

Award Winners for the 2017 WIA Smart Water Awards are:

TRILITY Innovation Award 
Winner: SA Water 
For the Energy Management Program

Allwater Alliancing Award
Winner: Australian Water Environments, Aqueon, Water Data Services & Alano Water, (with Syntec Global and HASSELL) 

For the Australia China Sponge City Consortium

Allwater Alliancing High Commendation
Dematec Automation & HydroPlan

For the Gawler Water Reuse Scheme

Australian Water Association Environmental Improvement Award 
Winner: Major Projects, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources 

For Weir Pool Manipulation in the South Australian River Murray

SA Water Leadership Award
Recipient: Andrew Johnson PSM 
Executive Sector Specialist, International Centre for Water Resource Management (IceWarm) and Former Executive Director PIRSA

Minister’s Award for Excellence in Sustainable Water Management 
Winner: Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

For Environmental Stormwater Management for a greenfield urban development

SA’s Water and Environmental Expertise on the International Stage

South Australia will be on international display this week with delegates from China visiting the state to learn about our world-class water and environmental expertise.

During the next 10 days 16 senior directors from the Shandong Environment Protection Department will participate in a South Australian training program to look at opportunities for industry partnerships, training and research in water and environmental management.

South Australia’s Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) Acting Chief Executive John Schutz said that Chinese interest in South Australia’s water and environmental expertise stems from that country’s Five Year Plan released last year that places environmental sustainability as a key foundation of China’s future economic growth.

“There is a real demand for our state’s capabilities, especially in Shandong, and visits such as this lay a foundation for future export and investment, Mr Schutz said.

“South Australia’s water and environmental capabilities have evolved over many decades. Our water industry knowledge is world leading which is in part due to us being the driest state on the driest inhabited continent on earth.

Read the full press release by the DEWNR here.

EnviroPro® Sensors Selected 

WIA Member Entelechy's EnviroPro® soil moisture sensors have been selected by stadium turf specialists to maintain the playing surface at the new Perth Stadium.

The EnviroPro® soil moisture sensors will monitor over 17,000m2 of turf inside the new Stadium. The turf, to be laid in mid-2017, is the same as used at ANZ Stadium (Sydney), Eden Park (Auckland), Gabba (Brisbane), nib Stadium (Perth) and MCG (Melbourne). The multi-purpose 60,000 seat Perth Stadium will be a world-class venue capable of hosting major sporting and entertainment events.

About EnviroPro®

EnviroPro® is ground-breaking technology that can help reduce water consumption, cut energy costs, achieve higher yields and deliver better quality produce. For more than 20 years EnviroPro® has established a global reputation in sub-surface capacitance soil sensor technologies for continuous, precise measurement of soil moisture, temperature and salinity.

Click here to read the full press release.

Australian Water Partnership praises the WIA

Australian Water Partnership CEO Professor Gary Jones told WIA members in Adelaide that the Alliance was recognised for having played a major role in developing the industry over many years and was at the forefront of breaking into international markets.

“South Australia’s water industry is recognised as a global leader in areas such as irrigation, managed aquifer recharge, saline groundwater management and water policy and education”, Professor Jones told the group.

“This has been largely driven by necessity: SA is drought-prone and lies at the end of the River Murray system, meaning that in harshly realistic terms, SA is always at risk of getting the least water and the most salt and pollution.

“The Murray Darling Basin Authority is just one example of how water policy can be developed and implemented. It’s a tough call to try to bring all the parties together and despite the disputes from time to time, overall it’s an undoubted success story.

“South Australia’s water industry has developed in the harsh fires of scarcity and the results are a credit to the ingenuity and innovative approach the industry here continues to take.
“Make no mistake about it, there’s a huge amount of international interest in what you’re doing here. The AWP sees it all the time in approaches from nations and from Australian embassies abroad. SA is seen as a State that’s taken adversity and turned it to advantage.  The problems which you have fought against are common in many developing countries.  They want clean, safe, secure water – but they want it in a tight timeframe.

“For you in South Australia it’s a challenge, but more than that, it’s a huge opportunity.

“The Water Industry Alliance has taken a strong lead in working with us, and others, to help develop those markets. I am extremely optimistic about your future in world markets.  I know there are barriers and difficulties brought about because many companies are small and have limited cashflow and capacity for business planning.  But there is help available and there are real markets out there for the technology and expertise which you have.

“SA has what the world wants: the know-how to provide a secure supply of safe water”.

Water Industry Alliance CEO Rachel Barratt said the South Australian water sector already had an aggregate turnover in the order of half a billion dollars a year. “The WIA has a vision to double this in the not too distant future, creating thousands of new jobs and a major new export industry for the State”, Ms Barratt said.
“We greatly appreciate the support of the Australian Water Partnership and the recognition for what we have achieved and what we believe we can do in the future”.

The Water Industry Alliance encourages our professional services members to apply to join the Australian Water Partnership.  The application form and guiding information can be found here:

Potential for more than 5000 Jobs as Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme Progresses

A proposal to expand the use of recycled water for primary production in the Northern Adelaide Plains suggests there is the potential to create more than 5000 jobs.

The proposal was developed by a consortium of companies after SA Water called for Expressions of Interest to use an additional 20 gigalitres of recycled water from the Bolivar Waste Water Treatment Plant as part of the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme.

The State Government, through SA Water, will now progress the consortium’s proposal to the feasibility stage and examine the potential economic and employment benefits of the proposal, with interim results expected by the end of 2016.

The Water Industry Alliance (WIA) is working closing with the Government to ensure WIA members are involved in the initiative and receive opportunities as a result.  To read the full press release, please click here.


South Australian Water Policy Dialogue - White Paper Launched

The Australian Water Association South Australian Branch and the Water Industry Alliance recently held the first South Australian Water Policy Dialogue event, with a new conference format. The Dialogue encouraged discussion and outcomes from the delegates who could be fully interactive with key industry leaders and policy influencers.

The new and exciting format meant registered delegates had access to all the keynote presentations via video to watch when their time permitted. This meant not just listening to presentations - the Dialogue sessions were fully interactive at the event, allowing delegates to speak directly with key industry influencers. 

Three streams were held - research, industry and governance - and all generated lively discussion and good outcomes that were the content for the white paper. Jonathan McKeown, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Water Association opened the event and the Minister for Water and the River Murray, the Hon. Ian Hunter MLC closed the event and was encouraging of conversation on water policy.

Following on from the Dialogue, a white paper was produced detailing the policy challenges and solutions. This paper was released at the recent launch event hosted by Deloitte.

Click here to view the White Paper. 

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