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Achieving balance in being a customer centric industry and delivering operational excellence

July 11, 2019

Lionel Ho, Asset Delivery & Client Liaison Manager, Allwater, and Water Industry Alliance Board Member, joins us to talk about the water industry and its opportunities and challenges

Tell me a bit about your current role with Allwater.

I manage the Asset Delivery and Client Liaison team in Allwater for the Adelaide Services Alliance. Day to day I ensure the efficient delivery of minor capital projects, effective asset maintenance strategies, efficient implementation of performance measurements processes and reporting mechanisms, and delivery of reliable and fit-for-purpose IS and IT systems. I am the custodian of the Adelaide Services Alliance Contract ensuring all documentation is compliant with contractual obligations. Finally, I facilitate efficient and cooperative interactions between Allwater and SA Water.

What attracted you to a career in the water industry?

Water is essential for life and so being in this industry is something I have always been very passionate about. We have a duty of care to ensure that every Australian has access to safe, clean drinking water and effective and reliable sanitation services.

What are the big opportunities for the water industry right now?

We are in the digital age and customers have greater expectations now more than ever; hence there are so many opportunities in this space to be the service provider of choice. Implementing new technology, coupled with people with the right skills, knowledge and expertise will ensure that customers are getting the best value from the water industry.

What do you see as the challenges for the water industry now and into the future?

Making sure that we are serving the customers of South Australia in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. There is a balance in being a customer centric industry while delivering operational excellence - and the key will be to retain the right people in this industry.

Given your background and current roles, what do you bring to the Water Industry Alliance Board, and how do you feel you can influence the water industry going forward?

I have a strong background in research and innovation, and this coupled with managing collaborative partnerships and alliances, well equips me in continuing to make a real contribution to the water industry in SA. I have also been a leader in the AWA for numerous years and have established strong networks that will enhance collaboration and partnerships locally and in national and international arenas.