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WIA CEO facilitates recycled water supply workshop in Mount Barker

October 27, 2017

Water Industry Alliance CEO Rachel Barratt has facilitated a workshop with the District Council of Mount Barker and industry stakeholders to look for opportunities to extend the use of wastewater to economic development in the region.

The Council has an objective of maximising reuse and generating new employment. At present the largest user, Hillgrove’s Kanmantoo Mine, is taking 90% of the supply. The mine may cease operations in 2020 and the Council needs to identify alternative customers.

Mount Barker Council plans to undertake an EOI process into recycled water opportunities with three main targets:

• The Callington area and beyond to take advantage of the existing pipe;

• A general call to other interested groups who either own land and/or may look to invest in related activities; and,

• Specific industries.