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Wellbeing in the workplace - resources for small business

June 18, 2019

According to the latest ABS statistics, there are more than 143,000 small businesses (employing fewer than 20 people) operating in South Australia, or 98% of all businesses in the state. These small businesses employ about 34% of the South Australian workforce - and we know that often as a small business owner, time and resources can be tight, where health and wellbeing may be considered a luxury.

The following resources and webpages highlight how, as a small business, you can thrive with a focus on workplace wellbeing.

Examples of key policy templates for workplace wellbeing
For case studies, see the following websites

It is beneficial to learn from others – what did they do, how did they do it, what were the outcomes. The following links are to case studies of business which have made health and wellbeing a priority in their company.

The Wellbeing @ Work video series

View this short video that outlines the business case, the justification, the evidence and the why for workplace wellbeing.

The Workplace Wellbeing information and resources are provided as part of the Water Industry Alliance's Healthy Workplace Awareness in the Water Industry project. This prioject is funded by SA Health in partnership with Business SA and the Water Industry Alliance.