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Waterfind Expression of Interest

September 29, 2018

On 13 July 2018, the Commonwealth announced a new Murray-Darling Basin-wide water infrastructure program (the Program) funding water recovery across the Basin. As part of the Program, water contributions will be made towards the 450 GL of efficiency measures required under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

The Program will provide funding to undertake water efficiency infrastructure upgrades. In return, an agreed volume of eligible water rights must be transferred to the Commonwealth. Any additional water savings generated by the infrastructure upgrades can be retained by the program participant.

Proposals that deliver water efficiency infrastructure upgrades for urban, industrial, metering and off-farm projects are eligible Basin-wide. Proposals for on-farm projects are eligible in Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

After being successful in previous similar funding programs, Waterfind is preparing an application to be a Delivery Partner for this Program. Delivery Partners are organisations that will help program participants to develop proposals and implement projects.  

Waterfind is, therefore, currently accepting expressions of interest from interested parties who have activities eligible for funding. These include:

- Urban water efficiency projects such as water recycling, stormwater capture and water recycling, reducing leakage, upgrading sewerage processing practices, demand management, and the introduction of better urban metering technology.
- Industrial water efficiency projects such as improved processing practices, plant upgrades, processing or product redesign and implementation, and water recycling.
- Off-farm projects such as refurbishment or replacement of channel systems, improving stock and domestic pipelines, and improving dams and water storages.  
- Metering projects such as replacing or upgrading meters so that they are compliant with the Australian Standard, and the removal or installation of associated flow regulation infrastructure.  
- On-farm projects in Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory such as improving water delivery infrastructure, installing smarter technology to reduce overwatering, and replacing open channels with pipes.

If you have a project and would like further information about the Program, please complete this non-binding expression of interest and return by 5:00pm Friday 19 October 2018.

Project details

- Type of project activity (e.g. off-farm or on-farm)
- Estimated cost of improvements
- Estimated water efficiency savings achievable
- Water entitlement identifier (e.g. WAL, WEE, licence)

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Please return the expression of interest by 5:00pm Friday 19 October 2018 via:

email to:
fax to: 1800 890 248
post to: PO Box 3316, Rundle Mall, SA, 5000