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Sleep - are you getting enough?

July 29, 2019

Research is showing that encouraging staff to get a good nights sleep is one of the most effective ways to reduce workplace fatigue, improving workplace health and safety and overall workplace performance.

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is an important biological function, essential for good health and wellbeing. Sleep is the time your body and brain rest and recover from a day’s work.

How much sleep do adults need?

Everyone is a little bit different, but most adults require between seven and nine hours a night to feel properly refreshed and to function at their best the next day. Younger people tend to need a little more.

How do you know you’re not getting enough sleep?
Tips to maximize the quality of your sleep

Get into a routine:

Other things you can do to promote better sleep:

Things that can make sleep harder:

What if I can’t sleep?

Sleep is not something that you can force, that is why a routine is really important.

More information on a wide range of sleep topics can be found at the Sleep Health Foundation.

You can undertake a free six-week sleep challenge by AH Beard. The Sleep Council UK also has a 30-day Better Sleep Plan.

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