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SA’s water and environmental expertise on the international stage

August 7, 2017

South Australia will be on international display this week with delegates from China visiting the state to learn about our world-class water and environmental expertise.

During the next 10 days 16 senior directors from the Shandong Environment Protection Department will participate in a South Australian training program to look at opportunities for industry partnerships, training and research in water and environmental management.

South Australia’s Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) Acting Chief Executive John Schutz said that Chinese interest in South Australia’s water and environmental expertise stems from that country’s Five Year Plan released last year that places environmental sustainability as a key foundation of China’s future economic growth.

“There is a real demand for our state’s capabilities, especially in Shandong, and visits such as this lay a foundation for future export and investment," Mr Schutz said.

“South Australia’s water and environmental capabilities have evolved over many decades. Our water industry knowledge is world leading which is in part due to us being the driest state on the driest inhabited continent on earth."

Read the full press release by the DEWNR here.