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River Murray Operations team win environmental award for bringing the Coorong to life

July 6, 2018

Leading Australian water industry companies have been recognised for excellence in technology and expertise at the Water Industry Alliance’s 2018 Smart Water Awards. In its 15th year, the Awards recognise and celebrate Alliance members for their leading-edge expertise and innovation.

The River Murray Operations group from the South Australian Department for Environment and Water (DEW) was awarded the Environmental Impact Award at the Ceremony on Friday July 6 for its project Community, science, environmental water, and innovative river operations bring life to the Coorong and Lower Lakes.

The project was initiated in response to a clear environmental issue to support an iconic fish species that was in severe decline.

The judges commented that the work of the River Murray Operations Group is having a real and considerable impact on the health of the River Murray and associated threatened species, including Black Bream.  

Fundamental to its success was the involvement with key partners from government, industry and the community. As such the project has demonstrated the power of working together in eliciting support and resources for critical environmental outcomes - in very short timeframes and delivering real impactful change.

The judges also commented that it is very rare for environmental management interventions to be able to demonstrate such a quick and substantive result as the Black Bream spawning event.

The River Murray Operations Team is to be congratulated on fostering the strong relationship with stakeholders which enabled the swift action to grasp this opportunity.

The Department forEnvironment and Water's River Murray Operations team at the 2018 Smart Water Awards.