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New Member: Smart Approved WaterMark

December 6, 2018

Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM) certifies water efficient products and services in Australia and Europe, and provides access to their program Smart Water Advice, a water efficiency resource for Councils and water utilities.

SAWM provides easily identifiable labelling to increase the community’s awareness of, and allows them to actively engage in, the efficient use of water by identifying products and services that help them save water.

The mark is awarded to products and services that demonstrate water savings and/or efficiencies. Products and services believed eligible for the water-efficient labelling are assessed by an Independent Technical Expert Panel, and over 1000 applications have been assessed since SAWM was launched. Water efficiency is a unique selling point, and the SAWM certification provides current licensees with a market advantage.

Once approved, companies are able to use the logo on packaging, websites, point-of-sale and marketing materials to enable easy identification by consumers. SAWM provides dedicated products pages and promotion opportunities through their subscriber newsletters, online water efficiency campaigns and social media throughout the year.

If your company has a product you think may be eligible for the Smart WaterMark, or you would like to find out more, contact Chris Philpot.

Smart Water Advice (SWA) is the water efficiency resource for councils and water utilities. This is a resident-ready professional water efficiency resource that includes over 35 pages of web content, fact sheets, postcards, plant finders, playlists, videos and more.

SWA removes the need for each council or utility to develop water efficiency resources independently, and provides resources to organisations who do not have a dedicated water efficiency team and/or who do not have the time to produce such resources.

The resources are developed so that subscribers can cut and paste, embed or link to the content they consider their residents and customers need to hear about the most. Central production means materials are consistent and collaboration amongst the subscribers means new tools are produced at low costs.

You can subscribe to SWA by contacting Chris Philpot at Smart WaterMark.