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WIA hosts successful lunch and learn event

June 14, 2018

Water Industry Alliance members were treated to lunch while listening to leading researchers discuss their work on small-scale desalination technology.

Goyder Institute researchers Prof John van Leeuwen and Dr Yasodinee Wimalasiri from the University of South Australia presented findings from their soon-to-be-released research into small-scale desalination technology.

Members learned about the availability of this new technology and its benefits as well as opportunities to unlock marginal salinity water sources in Adelaide's Northern Corridor area for a range of horticultural purposes.

The researchers also discussed the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the technology for small-to-medium sized horticultural enterprises and other potential applications for industry use.

You can read more about the Goyder Institute’s research into small-scale desalination technology here. The full research reportis expected to be released by the end of June, 2018.