An alliance of businesses in the business of water

Message from the Chief Executive

November 13, 2018

It is a great honour that I am able to write to you now in the capacity of Chief Executive of the Water Industry Alliance; an organisation with two decades of experience in promoting the businesses of the South Australian water industry. It has been a pleasure to work as a director of the Alliance over the past number of years, and I see filling this role as a natural step as we work as an organisation to finding a full-time replacement for Rachel Barratt.

As Rachel outlined in her farewell message, it is necessary for the Alliance to adapt and change to the evolving market as we deliver on the objectives of the organisation. Those objectives hold up as well today as they have in the past in regards to facilitating collaboration, advancing public policy and advocating for the industry. We will be continuing this important work over the coming months.

You may also be aware that I am filling the role in an acting capacity and on a part-time basis. This resourcing strategy is a result of our impending Annual General Meeting next week and the possibility of a new set of directors for the Alliance. It was deemed most appropriate for the new board to set the strategy for the Alliance, with this to be determined early in the new year. Until that time, Jessica Burgess and I will be working hard to deliver on the large suite of member events already planned for December and some great events we have in the pipeline starting in February 2019.

I look forward to seeing as many members as possible over the coming weeks and encourage everyone to attend the events we have planned; in particular our AGM and end of year Christmas celebrations.

Robran Cock
Acting Chief Executive