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FactorUTB celebrates success with remote water monitoring program

January 19, 2018

Water Industry Alliance member FactorUTB has provided a full Control and Data Aquisition system for Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council and a new set of sewer pump stations to replace the old pump stations. As part of the project FactorUTB installed a latest-generation sonde (an instrument that measures various water quality parameters). The sonde helps stop withdrawal and filtration in the event that river water quality falls below a set of indicator qualities. This ensures longer life for the membranes as well as providing good data about water quality discharging to the Reef. FactorUTB also incorporated an automated  weather station to provide meteorological data in a location remote from other weather stations and provided good records on actual water usage and waste water flows. The system also now has continuous real time monitoring of free chlorine.

The company was also successful in delivering another project which flowed on. In discussions with the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation at head of department/minister level, Factor UTB indicated that there was a set of complementary technologies that would enable implementation of a communication network using microwave radio and Wi-Fi that enabled communication to be maintained if Telstra and Ergon power failed (as is common in this location). Consequently, the Queensland Government funded the project and FactorUTB delivered it.