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Australian Institute for Machine Learning

March 12, 2019

The Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) works with South Australian SMEs to adopt machine learning and AI to drive transformational productivity growth in their business - improving their local and global competitiveness.

This engagement is supported by funding from the South Australian Government.

Machine learning can be applied to and benefit a range of industries including health, defence, mining/petroleum, agriculture, transport, ICT, finance, sport, policy and the environment.

To work with AIML, you must be:
• an Australian Small to Medium Enterprise (SA companies preferred)
• an international research organisation who wishes to collaborate with AIML on a project with benefit to SA (sometimes with a commercialisation path but not always)
• a Small to Medium Enterprise who is partnering with an International Organisation.
Your company must have:
• sufficiently large dataset, or can create such a dataset, to effectively train an artificial intelligence system
• demonstrated that it has the required resources to implement and maintain an artificial intelligence system if it is created
For more information, please email Dr Paul Dalby, AIML Business Development Manager or call 0401 122 204.