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Australia New Zealand Pacific Islands Water Development Opportunities group

March 6, 2019

The Australia New Zealand Pacific Islands Water Development Opportunities LinkedIn group has been formed to assess the willingness of companies to explore further business and collaborative opportunities across Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. The purpose is to build a group who is genuinely interested in exploring new business opportunities.

The opportunity exists for companies to start working closer between Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands around providing new innovative and cost effective water management solutions. There are already some companies looking to form alliances, find distributors, etc. The long-term goal, with support from businesses and industry, is to initiate and facilitate companies coming together both from a technology/solution provider and project owner perspective.

The creation of this group is a follow on from the meeting of the WIA NZ Export Group held with HaS Terra Solutions and Austrade NZ and is being managed by Hamish Gordon from HaS Terra.

There will be huge potential for work with significant upgrades to wastewater infrastructure across NZ with significant investment required in regional areas to bring the infrastructure up to standard. NZ will be seeking new and innovative wastewater solutions and many of our members are well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities.

WIA members interested in doing business in New Zealand are encouraged to participate in the group.

If you would like to be added to the group or want more information, please email Jessica Burgess.