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All round excellence for Goyder Institute for Water Research

June 13, 2019

Leading Australian water industry companies have been recognised for excellence in technology and expertise at the Water Industry Alliance’s 2019 Smart Water Awards. In its 16th year, the Awards recognise and celebrate Alliance members for their leading-edge expertise and innovation.

The Goyder Institute for Water Research was awarded the Minister’s Award for Excellence, along with the Innovation in Large Organisations Award at the Ceremony on Friday June 7.

The Goyder Institute project - Climate Resilience Analysis Framework and Tools (CRAFT) was awarded the Innovation in Large Organisations Award.

The CRAFT project has developed new tools to help water planners and policymakers assess the impact of climate change on water resource systems and guide adaption planning. Although initially designed for water resource managers, CRAFT can be used to test and improve the resilience of any system that is influenced by complex weather and climatic conditions.

CRAFT and its companion software foreSIGHT is freely available to enable easy access for as many users as possible, resulting in 2852 users in the first 11 months of its release.

The outcomes of the project to date and the number of parties accessing the software, highlights the strength of the project and ability to transfer this to a practical setting across a number of sectors.

The Goyder Institute received the Minsters Award for overall excellence in the water industry for demonstrating excellence across multiple areas that underpin the Smart Water Awards.

The innovation demonstrated in their submission is world class and shows an ability to adapt to the changing world around us. They also demonstrated an ability in their alliancing submission to work together with other organisations for the greater good of South Australia. Seth Westra from the University of Adelaide said the ability to innovate was critical in any industry including the water sector.  

“Goyder are very deserving of this award. It is a testament to a big team, including key partners CSIRO. The engagement from Government and the community demonstrates a willingness in South Australia to come together to address these sorts of issues,” said Seth.  “They say necessity is the mother of invention and being the driest state of the driest continent is just that. Things will not improve without innovation”.

Goyder also demonstrated an ability in their alliancing submission to work together with other organisations for the greater good of South Australia.

Dr Kane Aldridge, Director of the Goyder Institute said this award demonstrates the value of collaboration, and its ability to bring together experts from across the sector to solve these issues.

“It is very exiting”, said Dr Aldridge. “It is a testament to all of our partners – Government, CSIRO, Flinders University, the University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia and ICEWaRM.”

The judges commented that the outcomes Goyder Institute have been able to demonstrate show that they are providing valuable solutions to the water industry which that have practical commercial and policy outcomes.

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