An alliance of businesses in the business of water

Adapting to an ever-changing environment

June 27, 2019

As an Adelaide-based company, TRILITY is proud to support the Water Industry Alliance and its annual awards recognising excellence in the South Australian water industry.

The TRILITY journey started in 2011, yet its history dates back some 30 years. Over the past few decades TRILITY has evolved and continues to grow its footprint across Australia and New Zealand. Since its inception, TRILITY has been involved in the delivery of 100s of water infrastructure projects, currently servicing over 600 facilities, with extensive operations spanning from the far south of Tasmania to the most northern tip of the country and across the Tasman.

Today, TRILITY combines many services, solutions, products and applications to suit each client’s needs, continually pivoting to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, markets, regulations and climate conditions.

Hydramet and TRILITY businesses have been integrated into a single TRILITY entity to ensure the organisation's continued agility, keeping the market in mind with the aim to provide a complete offering. TRILITY is committed to be a ‘partner of choice’ in the delivery of water, wastewater and environmental services. Today its combined services consist of asset finance, project design and construction, operations and maintenance, modular solutions, spare parts supply, and servicing - all delivered by an integrated team, under a single brand.

This integration provides access to an extensive range of technical and operational expertise across a broad geographic spread. TRILITY manages numerous water infrastructure assets across Australia and New Zealand using best practice management systems and processes. Using the latest technology to design, build, install and operate modular water and wastewater treatment solutions, TRILITY specifically tailors’ solutions to meet the various water treatment challenges faced by the water sector today.

It was important to TRILITY to build the business around its strengths. As front line operators and service technicians supported by a dedicated group of water quality professionals, TRILITY delivers safe and efficient water and wastewater services, with a vision to be the most respected in its field.

Solutions and services are built on the organisation's heritage and expertise, a dedication to do it right, and a passionate commitment to provide its services effectively, efficiently, safely and responsibly. TRILITY's competitive advantage lies within its specialised teams, as well as relationships with local sub-contractors, consultants and suppliers. Working alongside clients as partners to optimise facilities, processes and performance, TRILITY creates value through the full water and wastewater cycle, enhancing competitiveness and protecting the environment.

TRILITY Managing Director, Francois Gouws says, ‘We do this with pride and with only one purpose in mind, and that is to serve our clients and the communities in which we operate.’ The TRILITY Group is excited about its future but remains loyal to its roots and continues to work alongside community representatives to ensure optimum outcomes for the community. This approach is just one example of the company’s progressive thinking and commitment that helps ensure the company is making a genuine difference in the lives of people and the communities in which we serve.