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2019 Member Survey Results

September 17, 2019

Thank you to everyone who responded to the recent 2019 Member Survey. We had a large number of individual responses and we know, from those who left their contact details, that more than 25% of member companies were represented in responses, which gives an exceptional response rate.

The WIA is a member-based organisation that only exists to grow the business of members. The Member Survey provides us with key information about where to focus our efforts in the coming year and to refine our offerings for the benefit of the members and industry.

Overwhelmingly, members identified three key market segments that are of most importance to their business. These were:

  1. Local government (19.3%)
  2. Urban water utilities (16.1%)
  3. Rural water utilities (16.1%)

Not surprisingly to the staff of the Alliance, the key market segments for members also represent the key buyers of our members' services in South Australia. Accordingly, we will be focusing on providing more information regarding these market segments to members in 2020.

Members ranked access to networking and events as the most important service offered by the Alliance. This was closely followed by promotion and participation in industry events and the provision of news and information. It was pleasing that the highest-ranking services (in terms of importance to members) are those that have been our key focus over the last 12 months. We will ensure we keep these services of the same quality going forward.

Interestingly, members responded that the two lowest ranked services were participation in business related workshops and training, and international business opportunities and missions. Both of these activities are pivotal to the continued growth of the water industry in South Australia so it is important from our perspective that we continue to offer access to these services; however, we will use the feedback to better tailor these to the needs of members. The survey revealed that more than 80% of our members are doing business along the east coast of Australia and 50% overseas. Provision of such services can further enhance these businesses.

We have also heard your feedback that the current membership structure is too complicated. One third of people did not know their company membership level and could not assess the value for money. Accordingly, as we communicated in May, we are reviewing the membership categories and charges for the Alliance going forward.

We received many individual comments through the Member Survey and also directly to our team, and we have read them all and appreciate the time people took to provide them.

If you didn’t get a chance to provide feedback and would like to do so please email me.

It always helps if a little reward is offered for surveys. Every response was valuable but only one responder can be awarded the Coal Cellar & Grill voucher. Congratulations to Hydro-dis on receiving this year’s prize.*

Once again, thank you for you continued support and participation in the Water Industry Alliance.

Robran Cock
Acting Chief Executive and Chair

*Please note, all respondents were entered into a random name generator for selection.